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Arm & Leg Pain Chiropractor Gold Coast

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Arm & Leg Pain Chiropractor Gold Coast

If you are experiencing arm or leg pain in Burleigh Waters, you are not alone. In addition to your arms and legs, your shoulder and hip joints play a large role in your mobility. Overuse of these joints can result in injury and pain. Because of the multitude of reasons why people experience pain in these joints, it can be hard to locate the source. Sleeping in the wrong position can trigger the pain. We are here to help you overcome any pain that you may be experiencing at Paramount Chiropractic through chiropractic care.

Chiropractor for arm and leg pain

In cases of leg and arm pain not detected early on, many people turn to prescription medications as a solution. These medications can come with unwanted side effects, including leg and arm pain.

Additionally, “referred pain” can result from arm and leg pain. Referred pain occurs as a result of pre-cardiovascular arrest, otherwise known as an inflamed gallbladder, which can cause shoulder blade pain. As a team at Paramount Chiropractic, we commonly treat nerve irritation in the back, a common condition that is associated with leg and arm pain, commonly known as sciatica. Ensure your delicate spine is aligned and intact by seeking treatment from a trained and experienced chiropractor.

What is the cause of my discomfort?

Paramount Chiropractic performs a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. The assessment consists of a medical history, physical examination, and advanced imaging techniques. As a result of our evaluation, we should be able to determine where the pain comes from, what the causes are, what the symptoms are, and what we can do to treat it.

How can chiropractic treatment help?

At Paramount Chiropractic, we believe that most patients with arm and leg pain are victims of spinal misalignment. Finding the cause of your symptoms is the first step in treating your leg and arm pain. A misaligned spine can cause nerve irritation that leads to pain that spreads throughout the body.

Many patients are unaware that spinal nerves extend to the ends of their hands and feet. This means that a spine injury can cause pain in areas that weren’t previously injured. We have a long history of providing effective relief with our trained and specialized treatments.

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