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Back Pain Chiropractor, Gold Coast

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Back Pain Chiropractor, Gold Coast

The most common issue people face on a daily basis is back pain. Many people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. According to studies, 4 out of 5 people will experience it in the future and 30 million people are currently suffering from back pain. Those large numbers support the claim that back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia. The statistics alone should be enough to motivate society to look into the causes and treatment options for back pain.

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Back pain can be caused by trauma, disease, or misalignment. Inflammated muscles, bones, and ligaments can lead to back pain. The back is a very strong foundation that protects the body and helps with motion. Many people suffer from back pain as a result of auto accidents, while others play sports, or have bad habits. With so many causes, it can be hard to determine the exact cause.

In addition to arthritis, digestion problems, and poor health, back pain can also develop in alternative ways. The many possible causes of back pain require experience to solve the problem. We have experienced and trained chiropractors in Burleigh Waters who can help you. In order to correct your condition and get back to your pain-free life, Paramount Chiropractic will diagnose and determine the exact cause of your pain.


Disc bulges and herniations can cause back pain. It is important to know that not all bulging discs and herniations cause back pain. According to studies, more than one third of people have bulging discs, but the majority don’t feel pain. Those who do feel pain will experience a great deal of discomfort.

There is a major difference between the degree of pain and the type and location of the herniation. In cases where the disc is pushing against a nerve, people may feel numbness and tingling in their extremities. The pain is typically stabbing and quick. A disc herniation is a jelly-filled donut. When it deteriorates, the jelly leaks out. This can result from overuse and age. Chiropractic care can alleviate the pain in many cases, depending on the severity of your injury.


A subluxation is a vertebrae that is not aligned properly in the spine. It causes a lot of people back pain without them realizing what it is causing. People with this condition may have difficulty moving. It affects posture, more movements, and also gives them less strength to fight diseases as a result of the waterfall effect. Subluxations can be caused by a variety of factors.

Some people are unaware that nutrition can affect the spine, but they are aware it can cause hair loss or discolor their nails. An impact from a blunt force, bad nutrition, and bad sleeping habits are all possible causes. Creating a timeline for treating a subluxation can be very difficult, but our team at Paramount Chiropractic is experienced in treating patients with subluxations and has proven success in the past in treating their pain.


People who do tasks their bodies are not accustomed to are more likely to suffer from sprains or strains. It would be extremely difficult for a person who hasn’t run in months to sprint a mile since their lack of training would put them at a high risk of strain or sprain. When a ligament is pushed to its limits, a sprain can occur. Sprains occur on muscles after picking up an object that is too heavy or heavier than one is used to. It is especially common for people to suffer from these injuries when they do not use proper form. A chiropractor can help with both strains and sprains since they generally originate in the spine. We will provide you with the care you need in order to regain your health.


A person who is stressed out usually has a different physical makeup than someone who is not stressed out. Stress causes the body to release different hormones, including an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and cortisol release, among others. While these responses usually last for a short period of time, they can cause health problems in people who are frequently exposed to stress. Your chiropractic team at Paramount Chiropractic has been successful in correcting your back at “trigger points” in the back, which can result in heart disease, back pain, and obesity.

It is important for chiropractors to treat the source of the issue rather than just treat its symptoms when they create treatment plans for an issue. It is our team’s goal at Paramount Chiropractic to help you with your back pain in Burleigh Waters with our proven methods! Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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